Issue Four is now available to view on the Eurostar Digital Library

The graphic design of every issue of DWM is created by the ultra talented Anette from Coyote Studio.

Issue Five contributors include Noelle Faulkner, Nadine Armstrong, Amy Nelmes Bissett and Dominique Chaleyer. This issue has a grassroots motoring and motorsport theme.

Issue Four contributors include Amelia Dalgaard, Jules Rha, Amy Nelmes Bissett and Bec Brideson. This issue has a supercars and super women theme.

Issue Three contributors include Charli Robinson, Dianne Bortoletto, Barb Cook, and Jasmine Abel. This issue has a travel and adventure theme.

Issue Two contributors include Louise Goodman, Lisa Copeland and Amy Nelmes Bissett. This issue features articles about many inspirational women working in the automotive sector.

Issue One contributors include Manal al-Sharif, Florence Walker, and Bec Brideson. Plus car-loving women like Jess Shanahan, Jasmine Abel and Hannah Gordon.