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Driven Women Magazine – the motoring magazine for women

Driven Women Magazine is the only motoring magazine of its kind in the world that focuses on women and motoring culture. Our magazines feature thought provoking long-form articles and interviews that you will not read anywhere else, written by experienced journalists and passionate amateurs alike, from around the world. Making Driven Women Magazine ‘the motoring magazine for women’ according to Google, which is something we’ve earned not bought.

We are an independent publication that is privately owned and self-funded, so to help us continue shining a light on the extensive, but largely under-represented, women in motoring purchase your copy today!

Helen, Driven Women Magazine’s Founder and Editor, is a Sydney-based mother and wife who started the magazine in 2017 when she became fed up with the lack of female contributors in mainstream motoring magazines. Since then Helen has become one of the most experienced female car reviewers in Australia publishing on this website, which is one of the top sites globally featuring car reviews written solely by a woman.

The inaugural HERpulse Auto survey asked 736 women aged 25 to 64 a range of questions their thoughts on automotive advertising and found that the most trusted source of information when deciding what car to buy is word-of-mouth (78%), followed by online articles and reviews from women, while a quarter quoted magazine brands as being a reliable and credible source.

Driven Women Magazine at Expo 2020 Dubai

Driven Women Magazine was chosen to feature on the complimentary digital service throughout the Expo 2020 Dubai. Visitors were able to access digital content while they are inside the various venues linked to the Expo and it is expected that there will be around 25 million visitors over the course of the six month event.

Driven Women Magazine is one of only five Australian magazines that have been chosen because Expo will be showcasing a lot of technologies and innovations as well as headlining successful women and the company who has made this happen feels that our content will be appreciated.

Drive Against Depression

Our official charity partner is Drive Against Depression (DAD); a core passion for cars and what they can do for your mental health is what inspires DAD co-founder Adam to share the freedom of driving with the DAD community through organised drive days and other resources.

Driven Women Magazine was excited to be involved with the first ever Sydney Charity Drive Day for DAD.

Supporting other small Publishers

Pario Magazine (from the Latin for create/to produce) is an interview and feature-based publication, printed every second month. Each edition includes discussions with people from all areas of Australia’s creative industries, including artists, creators, musicians, and actors. Pario Magazine is distributed, free of charge, to local cafes and small businesses across the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven regions of New South Wales.

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