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Driven Women Magazine can be found on one the world’s largest on-line magazine stores, Pocketmags! Where you can even purchase a copy as a gift for the car-loving woman in your life and have it sent directly to her Inbox.

Why should you purchase a copy of Driven Women Magazine?

Driven Women Magazine is the only motoring magazine of it kind in the world that focuses on women and motoring culture and we are independently published.

Your support enables us to continue to shine a light on women involved in the male-dominated automotive and motorsport sectors.

Thank you!

Does your car dealership need a female-centric engagement tool?

With women playing such an important role in the purchase of a new car, it should be top of mind for dealership managers to look for interesting ways to engage with women. Rather than adopting a typical pink-washing approach, why not look at providing meaningful female-centric resources for women to read while visiting your dealership.

In addition to the regular edition of Driven Women Magazine, we can produce a customised print edition that combines our brand specific car reviews with a selection of articles from back issues. Get in touch if this is of interest to you!

The inaugural HERpulse Auto survey asked 736 women aged 25 to 64 a range of questions their thoughts on automotive advertising with the key findings being:

  • The most trusted source of information when deciding what car to buy is word-of-mouth (78%), followed by online articles and reviews from women, while a quarter quoted magazine brands as being a reliable and credible source;
  • Only one in three women (35%) said they found auto ads persuasive when it comes to deciding which brands to consider before purchasing;
  • 80% said they are not represented in car advertising;
  • Only a quarter (28%) said the marketing was relevant to them and reflected their life and family;
  • Six in 10 agreed a car brand should have specific values that they stand for;
  • Over half said that a car brand needs to have values in alignment with their own.

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