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by Petrol Mum

With more cars on Australian roads – 20.1 million vehicles registered in 2021 alone – its all the more important to ensure the heart of the car is looked after.

Regardless of whether a vehicle is new – with battery-draining technology to contend with – or older, with the average age of vehicles across Australia being 10.6 years, due care and attention needs to be given to car batteries to help ensure they’re operating at peak performance.

Fact is, since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit us, we have experienced seismic shifts in traffic conditions and driving habits. Lockdown restrictions around the world have resulted in a sharp increase in car battery failures. In Germany for example, battery failures accounted for a staggering 46.3% of all vehicle breakdowns. In the UK, battery related breakdowns rose by a hefty 76% during the lockdown.

Charge your car day

Charge Your Car Day encourages consumers to take the time to remember the importance of battery charging and reflect on all the things we can do to support the well-being of the humble-yet-hardworking car battery. That can extend battery life by up to three times, supporting a drive to greener mobility through waste reduction whilst also saving car owners time and money.

Robert Briggs, CTEK’s Asia Pacific Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “When your car isn’t driven or charged for extended periods, its battery health is at greater risk of damage. Naturally, our vehicles haven’t been top of mind for many during the pandemic, but a car battery charger provides a simple, hassle free solution.

“Regularly hooking your vehicle up to a battery charger and maintainer is essential to ensuring your car starts when you return to it. And with an average cost of $350 for a car battery replacement, it’s a preventative measure that’s cost effective too.” added Briggs.

For States like NSW and Victoria where we’re only taking short road journeys in urban areas, consumers face the real risk of experiencing a flat battery. This is because the very nature of these trips puts immense pressure on the car battery as it handles the frequent stopping and starting of the engine.  In other words, their car batteries are forced to work harder to maintain the power supply necessary for the functioning of all the various technological components in the car. The solution? Regular battery charging.

On Charge Your Day, CTEK will turn the spotlight on the fundamentals of battery charging. They are using the day as a kickstart for drivers to learn and adopt simple routines to manage their car batteries. A recent survey, conducted by CTEK, identified that around half the batteries on the road today are in need of some kind of attention, whether its recharging or a full battery replacement.

Top tips for keeping your car battery healthy

Regular charging and maintenance of a battery not only extends battery life by up to three times, they also provide invaluable peace of mind, and help drivers to save money in the long run. It is also important to remember that when a battery fails, the effect is that it could even damage or compromise the vehicle’s electronics, potentially creating additional spend.

When it comes to the car battery, drivers really cannot afford to have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. Ultimately, it all comes down to routines and CTEK has 5 top tips to share this Charge Your Car Day.

  • Reliable battery charger

The number one cause for breakdowns around the world is often battery failure. Cars being increasingly equipped with a growing amount of sensitive electronic equipment means that the demands on the battery are going to increase. Using a charger to maintain its performance and life can help save time, costs, and the environment.  

  • Sound charging routine

Studies show that charging at least once a month helps get the best out of a car battery and prolongs its life.  It’s as simple as to connect the battery up and let the charger do its work quickly, safely, and efficiently, while the car is parked in the garage.  
When it comes to electric cars though, the rule is ABC, or in other words, Always Be Charging.

  • Simple, regular care

It’s just as vital to maintain the health of a battery on a regular basis as it is to charge it in the first place. Invest in a charger with built-in functionality for both maintenance and troubleshooting and have the peace of mind that comes with a battery that is always working to its optimum capacity.

  • Be mindful of the weather

It’s important to be aware of the effect of extreme weather conditions on car batteries. A battery can lose as much as 35% in performance when temperatures hit freezing, and up to 50% as temperatures sink even lower. Conversely, heat can destroy a battery by evaporating its fluids. Drivers should look out for any signs of change – like the way the car starts, or the operation of the electrical system in general. These changes are sound indications of either a weak battery or problems in the electrical system.

  • Correct charging

Jumper leads, push-starting a manual car or going for a drive are all common but not necessarily right ways to recharge a flat car battery. In fact, all these methods not only won’t fully recharge a battery, but they could also create long-term damage. Try to be pro-active and regularly charge to protect against breakdowns but if you do get stuck with a flat battery, use an adaptive booster like the CTEK CS FREE – a much safer way to get your car going within 15 minutes.

So on 5 October, CTEK urges car owners all over the world to make this Charge Your Car Day to grab that charger to so they their car is always charged and READY TO GO!

For further information on ‘Charge Your Car Day’ and advice for motorists, please visit:

Photographs by CTEK.

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