Unique mentorship opportunity for Californian women-led automotive businesses

by Petrol Mum

The Petersen Automotive Museum has announced the launch of its new three-month incubator program, which aims to foster the development of women-led businesses in the automotive sector. Each year, the museum will choose one California-based startup with five or fewer employees and provide them with hands-on mentorship, access to the Petersen network of sponsors and partners, and a $25,000-$30,000 investment.

“With only 23.6% of motor vehicle industry positions held by women in 2019, we felt it was our responsibility as a world leader in automotive thought to create this incubator program,” said Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “We want to empower and develop visionary women to harness their potential and give them an opportunity to break into the automotive space.”

Women-led businesses that support or are directly related to the automotive industry are welcome to apply for the incubator program. Applications are reviewed by the program’s selection committee, comprised of six female industry leaders: Diane Parker, vice president of the Historic Vehicle Association; Alex Parker, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Redline Detection, LLC; Sarah Lassek, senior vice president of merchandising at Omaze; Dr. Sabrina Kay, CEO of Fremont Private Investments; Nikki Riedmiller, account supervisor at Kahn Media; and Jasmine Gonzalez, director of group services of the Petersen Automotive Museum.

“The incubator program is a rare opportunity to impact the future of our industry,” said CMO and Executive Vice President at Redline Detection Alex Parker.

“I’m thrilled to join the Petersen Automotive Museum in this exciting venture, and I look forward to helping these visionary entrepreneurs turbocharge their businesses. In my experience, women entrepreneurs have all the drive and ability they need to reinvent the automotive industry, the only thing they have been lacking is resources – until now,”  added Alex.

CMO and Executive Vice President at Redline Detection Alex Parker.

Once accepted, the startup will work alongside the Petersen’s mentorship team to develop a custom program that addresses its business goals.

“The support of Rolex and the dedication of our selection committee are allowing us to foster the vision and dream of entrepreneurs in the automotive industry,” said Deputy Director Michael Bodell. “Building diversity in our industry is essential to our mission and it is a responsibility we take very seriously, as we aim to become a world leader in automotive thought.”

To be eligible these early-stage female visionaries must have a business located in California and have less than five employees and must support or be related to the automotive industry. Applications will be accepted from May 1 to July 31, 2021. To apply, please visit petersen.org/business-incubator-program.

For more information about the Petersen Automotive Museum, visit petersen.org

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