CTEK keeps Aussie motorists fully charged for adventure

by Petrol Mum

CTEK, a leading global brand in battery management solutions today launches the CS FREE in Australia, the world’s first battery charger and maintainer with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology. CTEK sells over one million battery chargers each year across the globe and regularly tops independent battery charger competitive tests.

It’s this Adaptive Boost technology that allows the innovative new charger to get a flat battery going quickly and safely – without the need for plugging into mains power, as it’s a portable charger you can use wherever you go. The CS FREE features an internal lithium battery that takes less than an hour to fully charge through the unit’s fast USB-C input, and when fully charged, the unit will hold its charge for up to a year, allowing it to be stored in a vehicle for whenever it’s needed.

Unlike traditional boosters or jump starters, the CS FREE analyses the battery using Adaptive Boost technology, that works out the quickest and safest way to power up and protect your battery to get you back on the road within 15 minutes, without damaging the battery or the vehicle’s electronics.

Robert Briggs, Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific, CTEK, said: “The CS FREE is the first in a new generation of battery chargers that you can simply charge up, and take with you – it’s a complete charging solution you can take anywhere, just throw in the boot of your car and forget about. There’s no need to be tied to a power outlet, so when you’re out on the road, off on a rural adventure, or simply don’t have access to mains power at your home, it’s a really convenient tool to have.”

Another key benefit of the CS FREE is that it gives complete freedom to those seeking an off-grid adventure, and is capable of being used as a portable power pack to charge everyday technology such as laptops, cameras, smartphones and tablets. You can use it on its own, with mains power or even as a complete system with solar panels and leisure batteries, recharging via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or by the solar panel charging kit, allowing you to independently power the CS FREE wherever you take it.

“Australians love to explore the great outdoors and this often involves venturing to the more remote corners of the country. Our research identified that motorists want more freedom from mains power, as well as being able to quickly get going from a flat battery. The CS FREE meets these needs – its multifunctional portable charging sets you free – simply charge it up, take it with you, and use it anywhere with the confidence of off-grid recharging,” added Briggs.

The CS FREE features both USB-C and USB-A outputs, making it the ultimate 12V powerbank, and is even suitable for use on both boats and motorcycles as well as cars.

In addition to its portable capabilities, when plugged into mains power the new CS FREE acts as a maintenance charger, allowing it to be a complete three in one product that is capable of maintaining the long-term health of your battery.

For the modern motorist, even short road journeys, particularly in urban areas, can often involve frequent stopping and starting of the engine. This puts immense pressure on the vehicle battery, requiring it to work harder. Couple this with the immense demands of modern vehicle technology, and you’ll find more current is being drained from the battery than the alternator can provide, meaning the battery won’t have enough power to charge the starter motor.

From keyless entry, to the alarm system and even the digital clock – modern cars are also more susceptible to permanent battery damage. To ensure your battery will have enough charge to start the vehicle when you return, most automotive manufacturers recommend using a maintenance charger, especially if the vehicle is going to remain stationary for a sustained period. By also working as a maintenance charger, the CS FREE becomes the perfect all-round charging product for any driving scenario. It tops up, charges and maintains your vehicle battery to keep it in peak condition, and sets you free from mains power.

The CS FREE is now available in Australia and comes with 2 years warranty and is available now from Edisons for $499. To learn more and purchase a CS FREE visit edisons.com.au or for more information on entire CTEK range visit ctek.com/au/

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