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by Petrol Mum

Race Chix Motorsport, in conjunction with the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club is proud to announce the launch of Race Chix Race School – a dedicated motorsport training school for women aged 16 and over, due to launch at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 3rd of November.

With motorsport being one of the only sports where men and women can compete together with no age barriers, Race Chix Motorsport is committed to provide aspiring females the opportunity to participate in track days and competitive racing with a vision of building a network of like minded women across all motorsport genres.

Rachelle in her track car.

Rachelle Stirling, founder of Race Chix Motorsport insists, “We don’t want our own races or categories. We want to play with the guys, but we need that confidence first. Race Chix Race School doesn’t end when the women complete the course, they become part of the community.”

With currently only a 10% female participation rate, Rachelle has her sights set on increasing the presence of women on the track. “Our goal is to connect, educate and inspire women who are either competitors, enthusiasts, officials or supporters to help grow female participation numbers in motorsport. By connecting, supporting and collaborating as a collective we can challenge stereotypes and broaden perceptions that motorsport is a male dominated sport.”

Race Chix Race School is launching with Motorsport 101, designed for women who are starting out on their motorsport journey, who haven’t participated in any track days or have only participated in one or two track days. The course sees the women partake in a number of theory-based units with Rachelle, before hitting the wet skid pan where they will learn the capability and limits of their car and will learn advanced driving techniques. Race Chix Race School will be assisted on circuit by Sydney Motorsport Park’s respected car experience and training providers, with bike courses to follow in 2021.

The Australian Drivers Racing Club (ARDC) is a keen advocate of the initiative, “The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club is delighted to support the latest Race Chix Motorsport program. We are pleased to continue our role in developing local programs that highlight the opportunities available to women in many aspects of motorsport, as well as provide them with the chance to hone their skills at a quality circuit like Sydney Motorsport Park,” said ARDC CEO Glenn Matthews.

After the aspiring drivers have successfully completed Motorsport 101 it is Rachelle’s intention to offer a skill development pathway from beginner through to advanced. This is being executed with Motorsport 102 which focuses on speed events such as super sprints, followed by Motorsport 103 for the women who have participated in competitive non-race/Speed events and would like to move into competing in door-to-door circuit racing events. Rachelle hopes to have 12 entrants partake in the Race Chix Race School on their foundation Motorsport 101 course on the 3rd of November.

The founder has ambitions to have up to 24 participants per course, per day join her on the track in the future. “Our vision is to have all Race Chix involved in all genres of motorsport, including cars, karts and bikes, in Australia connected and to see female participation numbers increase to fifty percent across the board,” concluded Rachelle.

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Photographs by Race Chix Motorsport.

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