Porsche Italia opens a new concept store in Milan

by Petrol Mum

The pilot project “Porsche@CityLife” is located within the CityLife Shopping District, in the heart of Milan, and designed to offer visitors a unique and inspiring digital brand experience. “Porsche@CityLife” is neither a dealership nor a car display area, but rather an innovative multi-channel store concept focusing on individual experience of the Porsche brand and its products and services.

“’Porsche@CityLife’ has been designed with a focus on new target groups,” Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italia, explains. “We want to appeal people that are not necessarily familiar with the automotive sector and our products, but are attracted by other aspects of our brand, such as design, technology, and sustainability.”

Product placement by Porsche.

“New target groups” is another way of saying women. In an article published in Issue One of Driven Women Magazine Bec Brideson, a gender intelligence consultant at the forefront of discussions about gender, marketing and how to leverage the female consumer economy, highlighted “Distance” as one of the key factors for appealing to female car buyers.

 “Dealers who get the way women shop will win the game…This is the way multi-tasking women (and men) of this era want to research, explore and shop. You come need to them especially when women are driving 82% of car purchase decision-making. Fish where the hungry fish are wanting!” said Bec in her article for DWM.

Fish where the hungry fish are wanting! – key words from Bec Brideson who is a leading Gender Intelligence Consultant.

The setting for this innovative area concept is the largest urban trade centre in Italy, namely Milan’s CityLife Shopping District. The location attracts tourists and citizens, offering them an exclusive shopping experience combined with a new concept of leisure time and lifestyle.

“Porsche@CityLife” is the pilot for a new store where visitors can choose the experience they prefer, depending on whether they are just curious about the Porsche brand or they are looking for concrete product information because they’d like to buy a car. Several extra-large screens inside and outside the store show videos of Porsche’s history, the newest models in the range and motorsport successes.

911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, Concept store
Several extra-large screens inside and outside the store show videos.

Visitors are welcomed by Porsche Experts. These are specialists, who advise and inspire customers and prospects with high expertise in products and technology and share a enthusiasm for the Porsche brand. At “Porsche@Citylife”, they have an additional focus on hospitality. Guests will be helped if they wish to deepen their knowledge on the sportscar manufacturer or to be guided through the various services offered onsite.

Thanks to its advanced technologies, “Porsche@Citylife” is always accessible remotely. Interested people can visit the store also from home using the dedicated digital platform www.porschecitylife.it to check out all the available services: from the Configurator to the Leasing Calculator tool. In addition, they can find information on Porsche E-Performance topics and Driving courses.

With its focus on digital experiences, “Porsche@CityLife” combines the physical sales channel with the new world. The Italian pilot is thus adding a further element to Porsche’s multi-channel strategy.

Photographs by Porsche A.G.

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