Fonzarelli releases Australia’s first locally designed, manufactured and retail-ready emission-free motorbike, the NKD

Michelle Nazzari (pictured above) started Fonzarelli almost a decade ago and spent the first few years undertaking research development before launching an electric scooter for the Australian/New Zealand market. The product range has now been expanded to include the NKD – Australia’s first locally designed, manufactured and retail-ready emission-free motorbike.

“Following a decade of sustained success with our design award-winning electric scooter range, we’re pumped to present Australia’s first retailed electric motorbike,” say Fonzarelli Founder, Michelle Nazzari.

“While other prototypes have been floated, this vehicle is now available for order through Fonzarelli retailers and online.”

Nazzari says the NKD goes beyond great commuter congestion and environmental credentials and will also deliver high-octane fun in your spare time.

“I love the sense of freedom you get from a motorbike, either filtering through traffic in the city or when travelling as riding allows you to go to unique places,” said Michelle.

The NKD enables you to ride in silence thanks to the NKD’s highly efficient mid-drive motor is a permanent magnet brushless format that produces 9.6kW of instantaneous power and an explosive torque of 56 Nm. The electric dual-sport mini- motorcycle has a range of up to 120 kms (dependent on battery size selected) and can produce 6000 RPM and a top speed of 100 km/h.

“It’s for those who can appreciate power in a silent format, are keen to slice through city traffic and also see two wheels as the ticket to adventure – not just getting from A to B. Its performance makes it the perfect off-road toy. It’ll go from 100km in 5s. It’s just a lot of fun.”

Nazzari says the only glaring challenge facing two-wheel electric vehicle users is the distinct lack of dedicated charging stations – particularly in major cities and regional hubs.

This is an issue Fonzarelli has also decided to address directly, collaborating with Simon Modra, who is an architect, café owner, motorcycle enthusiast and Future Submarine design researcher at the University of South Australia, to create a compact two-wheel dedicated charger, which can easily be rolled out at scale.

Modra is also a big fan of the NKD. “The Motorcycle Society will a be reseller of the NKD, which I think is sporty and tough little unit. Unlike traditional motorcycles, it sits there ready to go. Just jump on and blast off. Whether that’s to work or out for a squirt through the hills!”

Fonzarelli’s Design Director, Wenley Andrews, is responsible for the slick aesthetic of the NKD, which he has been working on the design for 10 months.

“I’ve built and designed all manner of bikes in my time. Classic Triumphs is my usual domain, but I have really loved moving into the electric vehicle space and creating this machine. I wanted it to be versatile where you could take it off-road into sand dunes and hills – and compact enough to put in the back of my Jeep.”

In keeping with Fonzarelli’s design credentials – which recently earned its top-of-the-line scooter, the X1, a Good Design Award – the NKD offers premium detailing and clever tech integration. Using a standard 240W plug and a Panasonic Lithium-Ion 3.5kWh inbuilt battery, it has an on-board charger and optional portable charger.

“The bike has many customisation options, and riders can select add-ons like a stylish hand-stitched honeycomb saddle in Lambo-style Alcantara suede, a USB port for charging devices on the go, integrated LED headlamp, tail-lamp and bar-end turn signals, LCD dash screen, and dual sport off-road knobby Pirelli tyres,” says Nazzari.

I asked Michelle where she would like to see her company headed and she said “The objective has always been to create a global brand. We are interested in building bikes for larger uptakes in cities to have the greatest environmental impact and are looking towards the USA and Europe for expansion due to the similarities with Australia.”

The Fonzarelli NKD bike is made to order. Base model pricing starts from $9,990AUD and early adopters will be able to have their bikes ready for summer. For more information visit

Images by Fonzarelli.