Pretty Dirty

by Petrol Mum

DirtFish and ‘Beauty & Keys’ partnered to create yet another unforgettable event for the females in the Pacific North West car community in the USA that included both cosmetics and cars! This is the third ‘Pretty Dirty’ event the two brands have put on together. Attendees grabbed both lipstick and a racing helmet on Friday, March 19th.

Beauty &  Keys is all about female car enthusiasts who are unapologetic about being glamorous and into cosmetics. The brand shows that women can be bold and beautiful and still into driving, tracking and loving their cars. Beauty & Keys is thrilled to partner with DirtFish, the most prestigious rally school in all of North America.

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, Washington State, DirtFish Rally School was established in 2010 with the idea that the exciting sport of rally should be accessible to everyone.

“We love seeing a group of badass women building confidence behind the wheel of our rally cars!” Adam Papp, DirtFish’s sales manager, said. “The Pretty Dirty event was a huge success and a lot of fun; we look forward to the next one!” 

Starting off with the Rally School, DirtFish’s renowned expert instructors taught about car control, confidence, and advanced driving techniques. By the end of the day, each car girl had learned driving and racing techniques that will change their lives. 

“‘Pretty Dirty’ is the perfect example of what I have been trying to create for the female car community overall with Beauty & Keys. Ladies who love driving, then get glammed up after with new friends? This is what it’s all about!,” Jamei June said.

“DirtFish Rally School is such an incredible partner; their instructors are patient and knowledgeable and truly support women in motorsports. It’s a privilege to work alongside them.” Of course, there needed to be a ‘Pretty’ part after getting ‘Dirty’!

Deluxe Beauty Swag Bags provided by Nordstrom’s Trish McEvoy and Beauty & Keys. The Trish McEvoy representative shared beauty tips and products with the ladies after they were done on the courses. For extra relaxation and fun, the attendees also enjoyed a complimentary wine tasting by a local winery, Taurean Cellars.

All the ladies left with dirt on their shoes, new driving skills and the biggest smiles. It was a huge success for both Beauty & Keys and DirtFish.

Photographs by Beauty & Keys.

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