Pagani Huayra R is sculpted for performance

by Petrol Mum

On the wings of a wind that blows ever-stronger, the Huayra R is released to express its full character in total freedom. Pure, passionate, mighty and captivating. It knows no limits. The new track-focused Hypercar from Pagani combines the highest level of automotive engineering and aerodynamic know-how with unprecedented aesthetic sensitivity in an exercise of style that represents the full expression of Pagani Automobili’s technological development.

“Today’s racing cars are focused exclusively on aerodynamics and are largely the product of the wind tunnel. In the 60s and 70s, however, the cars were very fast, certainly dangerous, but beautiful. Prototype sports cars like the Ferrari P4 or the Ford GT40, or the Le Mans cars, had extremely attractive lines, which are still a huge source of inspiration for our cars today. The Porsche 917 is my favourite, with its romantic yet bold shape, which gives the impression of a very fast car. It is beautiful, elegant and timeless. From this desire for freedom, and from the experience of the Zonda R and the cars of the past, came the idea of the Huayra R, like a breath of fresh air,” said Horacio Pagani.

The Huayra R is a celebration of passion – an extreme, untamed car, developed free from rules except for safety, with the sole aim of offering uncompromising performance. But first and foremost, it was designed to excite.

Much more than an intellectual exercise, the Huayra R is a car packed with innovative solutions developed to achieve maximum performance and is the result of 100% dedicated engineering know-how. The project was not based on any production model, which allowed development targets for each individual component to be raised significantly, forcing the team in San Cesario Sul Panaro to tackle a number of technical challenges. First and foremost, the development of the most powerful, naturally aspirated internal combustion engine in the history of the Atelier.

The Pagani V12-R – the beating heart of the Huayra R – is a 12-cylinder, 6-litre, naturally aspirated racing engine, designed from the ground up in partnership with HWA AG specifically to meet the Atelier’s need to equip its new creation with the lightest, most powerful and efficient track-ready V12 ever created. This need emerged to address the strong desire of Pagani’s customers, who dreamed of an incredibly powerful high-performance, naturally aspirated V12 engine for their new projects. Equipped with the latest technology derived from the world of racing, the new powertrain delivers 850 hp (625 kW) at 8250 rpm and maximum torque of 750 Nm – already available from 5500 to 8300 rpm – while the 200 bar direct injection system optimises performance by ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of thermodynamics and autonomy.

“The new engine had to have the charm, romance, sound and simplicity of the F1 engines of the 1980s, while incorporating state-of-the-art technology available today,” explained Horacio Pagani.

The Huayra R’s monocoque is the result of specifically dedicated development to guarantee its occupants the total involvement and driving experience of an authentic racing car. HWA’s vast experience in fine-tuning and production of racing cars and components, together with Pagani Automobili’s 30 years of know-how in the development of advanced composite materials, made it possible to apply structural principles and innovative engineering solutions from the world of motorsport to the Huayra R chassis to produce a safe structure suitable for track use. The combination of new structural principles and materials specially developed for the Huayra R design, together with the resulting enhancement of the mechanical properties of the structure, means that the new car tips the scales at a dry weight of 1,050 kg.

For Pagani Automobili, building complex cars, rich with technological and innovative solutions requires not only brilliant minds, but true artists. For the skilled craftsmen involved in the development of the Huayra R, this mission entailed intense study and research to combine the most technical and performance aspects with the utmost formal elegance.

Every line and surface of the Huayra R is, in fact, designed to generate maximum aerodynamic load, with an initial development target of 1000 kg of downforce at 320 km/h (2204 lb at 199 mph) and a ground clearance that allows maximum aerodynamic performance to be achieved, guaranteeing safe and predictable behaviour under all conditions. An ambitious goal, but one that was quickly achieved with excellent results right from the first aerodynamic tests, during which the car showed great stability and balance in line with the set target of 46%-54% downforce distribution throughout the entire speed envelope, while maintaining reduced sensitivity to ground clearance.

Inside the Huayra R, every detail is designed for all-round involvement and maximum adrenaline, for a raw, thrilling and unfiltered driving experience. All essential controls, such as traction control, ABS map selection, radio communication and other important functions are immediately available on the quick-release, height and length adjustable steering wheel, which can be pulled out for easy access to the cockpit. The gearshift paddles are mounted at the rear of the steering wheel.

Secondary controls such as lights, engine maps, suspension maps and brake balance selector are available on the centre console. A high resolution, fully customizable, motorsport dashboard display feeds the driver with the necessary information to monitor the status of the vehicle. The onboard telemetry logs all vehicle data, enabling the driver and pit crew to analyse performance, find the perfect vehicle settings for any given track, and monitor the vehicle.

To perfectly match the driver’s ergonomics, the adjustable pedal set has been custom-designed in partnership with AP Racing exclusively for the Huayra R and incorporates the principles of lightness and style that are at the essence of this car. Crafted with the quality of finish and aesthetic attention typical of all the Atelier’s creations, the Huayra R’s cockpit cannot fail to impress thanks to the meticulous design of every screw, lever and surface, making its extraordinary concentration of speed-focused technology an ideal driving environment, tailor-made for each driver.

An essential part of the Pagani experience are the meet-ups and shared moments dedicated to the members of the exclusive family of customers, eager to participate in the different events organised by the brand each year on four different continents to offer an experience of full immersion in the Pagani world. These started with the Pagani Raduno, a highly personalised event, and now an established tradition in the history of the Atelier. For more than 16 years, the various editions of this event have combined days of driving along iconic routes and breathtaking landscapes, with unique lifestyle experiences, often ending with an entire day dedicated to top performance on the world’s most prestigious circuits.

With Arte In Pista (“art on the track”), the Pagani Atelier seeks to take the experience to a new level, offering a calendar packed with personalised events that will allow Huayra R owners to enjoy the full excitement of driving a Pagani Hypercar, pushing it to its maximum performance, with the dedicated assistance of the Pagani Team and the support of professional drivers. From individual track days at internationally renowned circuits to group events, tailor-made for customers in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East: each occasion combines moments of leisure in beautiful locations with the raw excitement of driving one’s own Pagani on the track.

According to Horacio Pagani this is “A car sculpted for performance. Not just a track car, but a very intimate club of true adrenaline seekers.”

Limited to just 30 examples worldwide, there is no word yet if any will call Australia home. Base price is circa EUR 2.6 million + tax and if you want to know more contact the only Australian Pagani dealer, Zagame Automotive in Melbourne.

Renders by Pagani Automobili SpA.

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