Jamei June becomes the first National Women’s Council Chair of the Ferrari Club of America

by Petrol Mum

Jamei June has been nominated and accepted the position of the first-ever Female Representative for the Ferrari Club of America. The National Women’s Council Chair, a position that has never been held in the Ferrari Club of America (FCA), was specially chosen for Jamei June. The Ferrari Club of America is trying to be more inclusive and diverse to women in the car community; as a club that excepts all car enthusiasts, they are hoping to encourage more female to take the wheel.

Jamei June, who owns the brand Beauty & Keys, is honoured to accept the ground-breaking role in finding 16 women representative nationwide to represent their regions. She will lead the women and create events throughout the country specifically for females in the Ferrari Club.

“I am so honoured to represent the female car community on a national level, especially with the prestigious Ferrari Club of America!” June said. “My goal is to create a national car community where women feel welcomed and celebrated, just as I have done with Beauty & Keys’.”

Nominating member and Ferrari Club’s former Executive Director Theresa Gilpatrick shared, “The FCA National Women’s Council Chair will encourage more active participation in the club by its women members and encourage women to actively use and enjoy their cars together. Jamei June is ideally suited- a true car person, actively drives exotics, well connected, and a professional spokesperson.”

Jamei is no stranger to Ferrari; her brand ‘Beauty & Keys’ hosted the largest female only Ferrari Drive in the USA in 2019. Her Seattle-based brand ‘Beauty & Keys’ is a female-focused for automotive enthusiasts, showing females can ‘bold & beautiful, on & off the asphalt’ by incorporating beauty products and companies in every track and drive event. She organizes drives, track days, and shares incredible stories of women in the industry.

Jamei also is the Ferrari NW Region’s media coordinator and emcee, hosting the Ferrari Concours d’Elegance for 4 years and the upcoming Ferrari Annual Experience in Portland with an anticipated 400+ Ferraris and thousands of attendees from around the country. 

With this groundbreaking national position, Jamei will be helping create and change the Ferrari, and all car marque, community where women may feel comfortable taking the lead on the road. Congratulate Jamei at @beautyandkeys on Instagram.

Photographs by Jamei June.

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