The Art of Selling Dreams

Lamborghini’s presence at the 2019 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne included a static display of three of its current models; the Aventador S Roadster, the brand new Huracán EVO in the exquisite Arancio Xanto metallic orange colour and family-friendly Urus. There was also a parade of 52 Lamborghinis around the Albert Park circuit for fans to drool over.

The Lamborghini Huracán EVO and family-friendly Urus on display in Melbourne.

In the midst of all this exotic metal I met with Lamborghini Asia Pacific CEO, Mr. Matteo Ortenzi, for a chat about our mutual passion for cars and how Lamborghini are placed in our region.

With so much being invested in the Lamborghini Urus, the world’s first super SUV, I was keen to know how the Urus has been received both here and worldwide since its official release early last year. Mr Ortenzi said “that sales in Oceania and Australia are going well and this has been replicated worldwide and they have solid order bank.”

The Urus has opened up the Lamborghini brand to a different kind of customer because it is more versatile and this is one of the reasons for the success of the model. The Urus can be used daily and it has room for your family so it’s no surprise that the model has helped Lamborghini increase its sales to women. Mr Ortenzi confirmed that approximately 15% of all Urus’ sold have been purchased by women and this has contributed to overall sales to women increasing to 6-7% for the Lamborghini brand.

I asked if Lamborghini had plans to enter any new motorsport series and Mr Ortenzi said that they have showcased a series involving the Urus late last year, which would be very interesting to watch indeed if you ask me!

Lamborghini has developed a Female Advisory Board (FAB) as a means to better engage with women. FAB is a made up of inspiring future leaders from around the world, who are not necessarily car enthusiasts, but rather leaders in their fields of expertise. By providing a network for these women to exchange ideas in achieving a sustainable future, Lamborghini is developing a customer base for the future.

Mr Ortenzi revealed that Lamborghini is happy with their level of sales to Australian customers at present and so there are no plans to increase sales, but this doesn’t mean that Lamborghini is resting on their laurels. They are continuing to engage with their existing Lamborghini customers with events like the Giro in Sydney and the luxury corporate hospitality in the Pit Exit Suite at the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

According to Mr Ortenzi Lamborghinis are all about emotions, the noise, smell and feeling you get from driving them are of the most importance to the experience of owning one. Although Lamborghini are watching the trend of electrification in the automotive industry, until they can see an improvement in their product from this technology Lamborghini will continue with naturally aspirated engines, with the next generation of Lamborghini to include hybridisation.

Mr Ortenzi has become a regularly visitor to our Australian shores and he is developing a relationship with our local Lamborghini owners and “he sees and feels their passion” for the Lamborghini brand. I can also see Mr Ortenzi’s passion for Lamborghini and this can only mean good things to come for Lamborghini in Australia for the future.

I will be reviewing the Lamborghini Urus in June and can’t wait to share my experience with you!

Photographs by Driven Women Magazine