Top Tips for Stress Less Travelling with Children

by Petrol Mum

The thought of travelling with kids is not something that fills most parents with joy. It’s often stressful for both parents and children, as well as those around you, but with Christmas holidays on the approach it’s often obligatory for many families flying domestically or internationally.

One of the best ways to make the trip as pain-free as possible though, is to have a whole host of activities lined up to avoid the dreaded boredom and trouble-making setting in.

Explore the plane

This is a great one for kids of all ages, especially if they’re new to flying, as it’ll keep them entertained and stimulated as you point out the quirks of their new environment. Chat to an air steward or two, as they’re normally more than happy to take a couple of minutes to entertain children. On some flights, you can still even go in the cockpit, which kids always love.

Download good screen-time

We know it’s not ideal to have your kids in front of a screen for hours on end, so why not download an education-based game like Matific Galaxy to keep them entertained and their brain ticking over the holidays. Matific is great because it uses genuine gamification. Gamification in learning operates on the assumption that the high level of engagement gamers experience can be brought into educational contexts with the goal of facilitating learning. We’re not talking about general video games here, which parents may deem as ‘bad’ screen-time, but instead harnessing this heightened engagement for good. The program can also be fully downloaded onto whatever device you’re using (it’s available on the app store, Google play store, and as a desktop app), so you won’t need WIFI to use all the features.

Let them take their favourite book

Now is not the time to encourage them to pick up something difficult and new which they get frustrated and bored with easily. Let them re-hash an old book that they know and love. Even if it’s a picture book, Where’s Wally or a colouring book – anything to keep them entertained for multiple hours will do the trick.

Comfy clothing is a must

There’s nothing worse than dressing your child in impractical clothing and then having to deal with a frustrated child on a long plane ride. Instead, opt for putting them in soft and roomy layers that you can take on and off as the plane’s air conditioning demands – even some snuggly pyjamas could be a great option! It’s worth taking a pillow or kid-friendly travel cushion too, so they can snuggle up and (here’s hoping) perhaps even drift off.


Any parent will tell you that snacks are key to travelling with children. Our advice though – make sure not all of them are sugary, because there’s nothing worse than the sugar high (and then inevitable crash) when you’re stuck in a confined space. But whatever you take, make sure you take far more than you think you need – there is no limit to how many snacks your kids can consume on a plane. Additionally, you never know what the plane food will offer up, so its good to know you can have nutritional control over the snacks you bring for your little one/s on board.

What other travel tips do you have for holiday fun this Festive Season?

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